The Mags inside

  • Добре дошли в The Mags

    Welcome to the mother ship

    The first thing you see when you enter the office of The Mags – beautiful women and a designer atmosphere.

  • The funny moments

    Not everything revolves around our working desks. The truly funny moments most often surprise us around the coffee machine, in the corridors or in front of the meeting hall. Sometimes in the toilet.

  • The work process

    We must also work.  After all, the new iPhone is not cheap.  Or at least we successfully create the impression that we work.  Pity that the photographer has not caught on camera what actually appears on the laptop screen.

  • Снимка

    The working area

    Three brains are more than one, at least in The Mags, especially if they have drunk 3-in-1.  Sometimes we think of great ideas with our arms folded.  Imagine what we can do if we have a keyboard, a mouse and internet access.