We believe that the world today does not have boundaries, only dimensions. It is not important to have always a ready answer, but to ask the right questions. These are what make businesses move forward and ensure a brand’s place within the ever-changing rhythm of consumers’ lives. We help our clients to capture this by proposing strategies around the following skillsets.


Hundreds of ideas pass through our minds every day. True talent doesn’t lie in their generation, but in their refinement and realization. At The Mags, we encourage a creative approach as part of our mission to deliver on ROI and surpassing expectation. 

Web development

Web development
Every project needs a stable and secure platform on which to grow and develop. The creation of powerful and robust online applications using the latest technologies and most suitable web hosting environments gives our customers security in the functionality and cost efficiency of their site. Our portfolio includes web applications, flash web design, database development, PHP, and content management systems. 

Online marketing

Online Marketing
Our marketing objectives remain the same. Only the tools to achieve them have changed. We have the latest tools and use careful planning to deliver our objectives, employing transparent management systems. Our strategic team understand how to employ their experience as well as the latest trends and technology to get the best results. 

Mobile development

Password for the future: mobile! Computers are becoming an endangered species, as mobile devices take over our lives. Now brands can have 24/7 connection with their followers. The Mags will show you that in mobile resides the power to engage consumers to your brand and how to turn that connection into commercial returns. 

Classic media

Classic Media
We may be focused on the digital revolution but we haven’t lost sight of classic media and the importance of getting it right! We are inspired by the impact of television, the intimacy of radio, the visibility of print and the diversity of the OOH media! We create concepts that initiate long-term relationship between brands and their followers. We walk forward confidently, but we do not forget how important to the future it is to always have a look in the rearview mirror. 

Search Engine Optimization

Competing for interest on web, underestimating the power of optimization can cost any business. In the struggle to be found and noticed there are tactics, that if your brand doesn’t use, your competitors most certainly will apply. Our SEO specialists are always a step ahead and their main focus is on taking their customers to the top.