Search Engine Optimization

Competing for interest on web, underestimating the power of optimization can cost any business. In the struggle to be found and noticed there are tactics, that if your brand doesn’t use, your competitors most certainly will apply. Our SEO specialists are always a step ahead and their main focus is on taking their customers to the top. The strategy includes:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has long been mandatory for the online presence of the modern business. It is a process which consists of the following services:

SEO audit

The main goal of the SEO audit is to comply the website with Google’s best practices. The audit examines over 20 SEO factors, and delivers detailed and actionable recommendations for each one. The main aspects of the audit include accessibility, indexation, HTML validation, web architecture, meta data, duplicate content, social signals and link profile.

SEO strategy

The modern SEO strategy is the second step of the SEO process after the audit. Its main goal is to generate links to the website using popular marketing activities. Such activities might be generating blog posts, online tools, guides, videos and their distribution in the organic channels. Each strategy is tailored to your business needs and delivered to you in an actionable and easy to follow manner.


In the SEO process often you have questions or situations to solve when you need expert opinion. We are here for you and your business, for anything, related to your online presence.