Mobile development

Password for the future: mobile! Computers are becoming an endangered species, as mobile devices take over our lives. Now brands can have 24/7 connection with their followers. The Mags will show you that in mobile resides the power to engage consumers to your brand and how to turn that connection into commercial returns.

Android applications
More than 170 mobile devices work with this operating system, revealing unlimited possibilities for the brands to increase their presence in the privacy of its users. The Mags invests large part of its efforts in creating a team that boldly explores this new territory and offers branded, creative and useful applications for the Android Market.

iPhone & iPad apps
Another immense and effective marketing tool, which can be boldly used by innovative customers against their competitors. Applications from The Mags are created in the preferred language of App Store - Objective C code, and give the freedom and security the big brands need in their campaigns. Fun, informative, promotional - Applications for iPhone & iPad slowly but surely become an integral part of the marketing mix with a high investment return and stunning image effects.

Mobile websites
Consumers expect brands to find them wherever they are, and give them whatever they want, of course, in a convenient format. In The Mags, we do not underestimate these expectations and that’s why we create a mobile version of our customers’ sites, so they can be optimized, easy to access and navigate from different mobile devices on the market