Our biggest reward is our client's trust. Тhank you all for your support over the past 15 years.
  1. Less Rain GmbH, 2011

    Less Rain GmbH, 2011

    We have been working with The Mags for one year, on two different projects. One is a small scale online ordering system, for our client Red Bull. One is a large scale back-end and user database, for a new messaging service on Facebook. Development is still ongoing.

    Both projects required different skills. On the messaging service, which is a brand new start-up without any predecessor to follow, The Mags proved to be able to handle a large-scale project that included a lot of unknowns. Here, we appreciated their flexibility, being able to adapt whenever the project took a new turn, or required a new functionality that was not planned in from the beginning.

    For the online ordering system, specifications where very clear. We appreciated on- time delivery, and the ability to respond quickly to our client's change requests beyond the original scope, especially since the project had a hard deadline that could not be missed.

    It is also worth noting that The Mags was capable of working in multiple languages, communicating with our team in German when necessary.

    We are looking forward to continue our working relationship, and can recommend The Mags fully as a trustworthy and reliable partner, with up-to-date technological know-how, and communication that is both professional and friendly.

    Carsten Schneider, Director @ Less Rain GmbH
  2. Records Management, Canada, 2010

    Records Management, Canada, 2010

    When I decided to rebuild our website, I called quite a number of web developing companies and was provided with numerous addresses of sites created by each of them. I found that The Mags had the most sites that our company thought were innovative, creative and professional. After speaking a few times with The Mags Team I decided to go with them. It's the best decision I've made in quite some time.

    As one of the owners of Records Management Ltd., I had very high expectations for the type of website I wanted to create. I was very pleased with the work done by The Mags. They worked very hard to create what I had envisioned for Record Management's website and did the research in field to match the need for the service with appropriate design. Not only were they very knowledgeable and efficient in their work, but they also offered their suggestions and creative ideas time and time again throughout the process of adding numerous pages and features to our website. I was very impressed with the quality of work, customer care, and meticulous attention to detail. With www.recordsregistry.ca in hand, our organization shall be able to keep the professionals in the medical field of our province informed of what is happening with the document retention periods, what policies have been changed and what the best solution for their records would be. This will enhance our ability to keep doctors, lawyers and other professionals updated without having to do mailings or phone calls.

    I can't express how pleased we are. The success of the web site has been beyond our expectations. We receive complements daily from people who visit our site. We could not have asked for a better design. You should definitely consider The Mags if you are planning on building a website and I will surely refer them to any business associates who are looking for quality web developers, designers and consultants!

    Kalin Dimitrov, President & CEO
  3. United Bulgarian Bank, 2011

    United Bulgarian Bank, 2011

    For a bank, as for each kind of business, creating the right corporate look is very important. Our work with The Mags has helped us focus on achieving our goals - swiftly and cost-efficiently. The whole process of developing the new UBB site has been perfectly organised, completed on time, and the results speak for themselves about the first-class quality of the work.

    We made a usability test for the new website - it showed that the total rates of success have gone up by more than 50%, and the visitors are happy with the website, find the information about the products and services of the bank more easily, and meet significantly less problems while operating with the site. That is why we have trusted The Mags for developing other projects - a demo-version of the broker services together with the electronic banking, as well as our asset management website. I recommend wholeheartedly The Mags to everyone who wants to have interesting, useful and remarkable online presence.

    Ludmil Karavasilev, UBB
  4. Bugarian American Credit Bank, 2010

    Bugarian American Credit Bank, 2010

    We were impressed with The Mags even before we decided to turn to them for the development of our website. By the time we started the actual work on the site, they had researched the market in our field, and our competitors` online strategies. Throughout the whole process we felt in skilled hands and were confident that we would get a website we would be proud of.

    The Mags have been absolutely professional - from the initial consultations to the maintenance of the site. What I like especially about them is that they showed interest in the success of our business, rather than just trying to sell us as much as they can - which we have found with other IT companies. We recommend The Mags to anyone wanting a quality and professional website - this company has the ability to turn it into a powerful marketing tool that will pay for itself in no time.

    Lyubomira Nakova, BACB
  5. Coca-Cola Bulgaria, 2010

    Coca-Cola Bulgaria, 2010

    What we like about The Mags is their exceptional professionalism and the ability to provide us with just what we wanted - a pocket PC application for internal use, optimising the work of our trade representatives. It has been our best choice - to assign the development of this information system to people that are such creative designers, technical experts and so easy to work with. What impressed us at first was the young and enthusiastic The Mags team, who, despite their lack of solid working experience, turned out to be so knowledgeable in their field. I can say without hesitation that we are extremely happy with their service and delighted with the final product!

    Snezhana Dimitrova, Commercial Business Processes & Systems Coordinator
  6. French Institute

    French Institute

    We have been working with The Mags since 2005. We have worked together on various projects, one of them being the development of the website of the French Institute. We were impressed by their professional attitude, the big variety of design solutions they offered to us as well as their fast work. We are very happy with the quality of their work. All project tasks were done within schedule. The Mags were very proactive and had many original ideas. They understood well the needs of our organization.

    We will carry on working with The Mags. We recommend The Mags to all organizations which are looking for a professional team with and individual approach and fresh ideas.

    Karin Kalka, Communications Department
  7. Deroni


    Deroni Ltd. is a company, created more than 20 years ago, which produces one of the most Bulgarian foods – Liutenitsa. We know that, in order to make such delicious Liutenitsa, we need to grow our vegetables with a lot of love and care. We pick all our partners very carefully, in order to provide the best product as an end result. This is why, after a comprehensive analysis, we chose The Mags.

    As a company that produces traditional Bulgarian foods, we strive not only to abide by traditions, but also to adapt to the quickly changing economic realities of today. When, after our first meeting with The Mags, we decided to entrust the creation of our new company site to them, we were sure, that we had made the right decision. We are convinced anew of our right decision every time we visit our own website. www.deroni.bg This is why, after we completed our first collaborative project, we decided to entrust to The Mags the execution of an online marketing advertising campaign.

    After these two successful projects, which we completed with The Mags, we can say that we would work with them on a third, a fourth … The work with the team of The Mags is easy and pleasant. In extreme situations the people from the team are ready to react momentarily and, if necessary, to restructure the specific project. We will work with The Mags with pleasure again!

    Марияна Токова, Специалист Развойна Дейност
  8. Republic of Bulgaria, Council of Ministers

    Republic of Bulgaria, Council of Ministers

    The Council of Ministers of the Republic of Bulgaria asked The Mags to develop an internet portal for public consultations. The Mags created a stylish website with a user-friendly navigation. The Portal of Public Consultations informs the Bulgarian public and encourages them to take part in creating policies. The Mags developed an interactive module, which gives the public a chance to publish their comments regarding strategies or laws. The content management system has an easy and flexible navigation.

    We are extremely happy with our work with The Mags, who were always very quick to give us their feedback. We will continue to count on their help for further development of the portal. We recommend The Mags as a trustworthy partner to all organizations who need professional web solutions.

    Snejana Dimitrova, Department Director
  9. Olimp - U.V.

    Olimp - U.V.

    We were very happy with our work with The Mags. The goal of the project was to develop a website of Olimp – U.V. as well as to set up an intranet system to suit the needs of our company. The most important things for us was for the intranet system to facilitate the workflow and internal communication in the company. We managed to achieve this.

    We would not hesitate to work with The Mags again on our future projects. We see The Mags as an important partner, who is able to achieve both quality and hit deadlines.

    We recommend The Mags as a highly experienced IT company, which has top professionals and works to achieve high results. The Mags is always learning, always ahead of new technologies and offers the best business solutions. This is why we work with them!

    Mihail Septemvriev, Managing Director
  10. Dermatology Clinic

    Dermatology Clinic

    The Mags created a functional, stylish and easy to navigate website, which establishes our institution as trustworthy, but also makes finding information about it very easy.

    We will continue to count on The Mags for further development of our current and also future websites we may wish to make. We believe that The Mags is a professional partner, who will always offer the best possible solutions. We have learnt to trust The Mags’s professionalism.

    We recommend The Mags as a company which is excellent at creating organizational and corporate websites and works alongside the client during the process of creation.

    Mr Stoyan Tonev, Military Medical Academy
  11. Adis real estates

    Adis real estates

    The Mags is a company which we fully trust - the type you will rarely meet. They developed a brand new website and content management system for our already existing website (also created by them). User-friendly and compatible to all kinds of browsers, the new administrative system has now an engine code that easily runs the enormous data base while keeping it open to any future upgrades.

    The Mags's professionalism and attention to detail is an added bonus and any minor problems or queries we have had have always been handled instantly. The website is a huge asset to our operation. We recommend The Mags to any company wanting a functional, easy to navigate website with flawless design.

    Savina Hristova, Head of Marketing Department
  12. BTK


    The Mags have impressed us with their rich portfolio and professional service. They understood completely our needs and created a very professional and user-friendly website.

    Anton Piralkov, Project Manager