Bulgarian National Audit Office

Creating a concept for a new website for an institution like the Bulgarian National Audit Office has a been a specific task, requiring attention to details because  of security measures and information sensitivity issues.

When realizing this project, there were 2 important objectives our team had to overcome:

First of all, the information had to be comprehensible for the customers. As we all know, the need for quick access to information is increasing every day, that’s why the website has to be easy to work with and arranged in a way that makes sense. To make this happen we’ve added an additional categorization of the documents, also we’ve created a search function using several important criterions and finally, with the co-operation of our clients, we’ve renovated the whole structure of the site.

The administrative part of the website used for adding and editing content had to be flexible and more comprehensive. With the realization of this objective we gave the team of the Bulgarian National Audit Office the opportunity to react quickly and in an adequate manner when there were changes to be made.

The final product is flexible and dynamic, corresponding to the task, that was given to us.

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