Orzene Ultra Light Summer

Shine in my eyes, shine in my hair, and ease of my soul. The game of the popular hair care brand Orzene will take you to a marine place from the fairy tales where the freshness and lightness reign. The aim of this Facebook app was to introduce two suitable products for the summer and to increase Orzene’s fan base in the social network. The only requirement for becoming part of the fabulous world of Orzene Ultra Light was to follow Orzene’s page. The main part of the game involved completing the sentences in the right way. After guessing Orzene’s secrets the participant automatically gains the right to take part in the weekly draw for an Orzene Ultra Light product. If the player shares the game with at least 5 of his friends, he gets green light for participating in the big draw for a set of 5 optional Orzene products.

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