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  • Emeka

    In the brand new website of Emeka, created by The Mags, the presentation of the products is done by the teddy bear Emecho, who is actually the brand messenger.

  • Ambridge Law website Ambridge Law website design

    Ambridge Law is the connecting link between people who have suffered accidents and their insurance company on the territory of Canada.

  • Records Management

    Our Canadian client Records Management, dealing with the digitalization of documents, contacted us with the request for an interesting and non-cliché concept for his online presentation.

  • Kinder Bueno Russia Kinder Bueno

    The new promotional website of Kinder Bueno Russia was created by The Mags. Our creative team - graphic designers and Flash specialists - developed the original concept, created the design and all

  • For Our Children Foundation

    "For Our Children Foundation" works in the field of family care for the children at risk. As part of a three-year project, the foundation aims to achieve agreement by all key stakeholders about the shortcomings of the existing child care legislation.

  • BACB bank - Mortgage loan

    The Mags designed print brochure for one of the BACB bank top products - Mortgage loan. We decided to create a brochure with the shape of a house, in order to make strong conceptual connection with the product itself.

  • website

    In the beginning of September The Mags launched one of its last comprehensive projects – a new brand identity and web-site for

  • KFC website KFC website from The Mags

    KFC, the biggest chain in the world selling chicken products, engaged The Mags with producing their website for the Bulgarian market.

  • Sofica corporate identity

    The Mags created logo and corporate identity for Sofica Group. Our client also received a brand book with all the rules for use of the logo and corporate materials.

  • Records Management brochures

    The Mags designed several print brochures for Records Management. These brochures contain full descriptions of the different services that company offers, but in the classic paper version.

  • website

    The creative team behind the Alaminut website worked hard to reflect the nature of one of Bulgarian TV's most popular comedy shows.

  • BU - Snowwhite and the seven aromas BU - Снежанка и седемте аромата

    B.U. wants to give presents to its fans and charge them with positive energy.