• Hausmeister


    The portal we’ve created represents and combines in a unique way all of the five courses the company aims to achieve.

    As they are all quite different and complex, each one could represent a separate website, but in our case we’ve managed to combine all these in a logical way, clearly structured and easy to navigate.

  • BG Guide - interactive tourist portal

    BG Guide
    BG Guide - interactive tourist portal
    Explore unknown destinations, get interesting ideas for tourism, find out attractive places and pin them on the map of Bulgaria!
  • Masterhaus - corporate website, e-shop

    Masterhaus - corporate website, e-shop
    The project is both a product website and an e-shop, giving access to more than 10 000 articles. The e-shop is integrated with an internal ERP system of the client, so that a better efficiency is achieved when products are bought.

  • Max Telecom

    Max Telecom

    The brand new website of MAX is strongly client–oriented and is the only page of a mobile operator in Bulgaria which offers direct subscription for services online - configuration of plans with extras and combining them with devices and vice versa – selection of devices  and combining them with the most optimal mobile plans.

  • City Clinic

    City Clinic

    City Clinic – a modern and prestigious medical institution, combining high tech equipment and high quality service. The facility has been highly valued as one, working on international standards in healthcare, those of Joint Commission International (JCI).

  • Bulgarian National Audit Office

    Bulgarian National Audit Office
    Creating a concept for a new website for an institution like the Bulgarian National Audit Office has a been a specific task, requiring attention to details because  of security measures and information sensitivity issues.

    The idea of the website is to present the company, which  is a producer of a wide range of rolled and extruded copper, copper alloy and zinc products. The key moment here is the presentation of the product types and their application. 
  • Tesy


    We had created the old and now – we created the new Tesy website, after the company has been totally rebranded. Doing that, it was important to follow strictly the new brand principles, use innovative solutions and provide work of a high quality. 

  • ZMM Bulgaria Holding

    ZMM Bulgaria Holding
    ZMM Bulgaria Holding is part of Industrial Holding Bulgaria - a company with traditions in machinery building, a trusted partner for Bulgarian and foreign clients.
  • bulltrend

    The design of the BullTrend website is responsive and easy to use with a wide range of mobile devices. It is composed of 5 one-pagers, forming the frames of a carousel. The loading of the website is accompanied with animation, inspired from graphics, illustrating the stock movement.
  • Kronospan

    We created the global website of Kronospan International, a products portal of the world's leading manufacturer of wood-based panels, using advanced technologies and innovative strategies.


    The new site, created with the active cooperation on behalf of our clients, presents the portfolio of NEVEQ, gives information about the team, the history and the causes of the company. It also contains a section with successful stories, company news and a blog.