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  • Vichy consult

    The Mags created the regional site for Bulgaria for the leading cosmetics company Vichy Consult. Based on a Romanian platform, the website presents Vichy Consult's innovative face care, body, hair and sun protection products.

  • Vivaclub website Vivaclub

    Vivaclub is where all current Vivacom customers can find a variety of special offers, exclusive discounts and attractive prices, intended just for users of the telecom services of Vivacom.

  • Bulgarian National Television

    The website design of Bulgaria's top public TV broadcaster is innovative, functional and easy to use. The site is in tune with the new corporate vision of the TV station.

  • Vivacom intranet system

    The new intranet system of Vivacom, developed by The Mags, is a sophisticated working platform for staff at the telecom.

  • BU - Snowwhite and the seven aromas BU - Снежанка и седемте аромата

    B.U. wants to give presents to its fans and charge them with positive energy.

  • Bioten Christmas Cards Bioten Christmas Cards

    Bioten is a brand for women who are nice, gentle and sensitive.

  • Orzene - Shiny Christmas Orzene - Блестяща Коледа

    Orzene is a brand which wants to be close to users and their emotions, especially around Christmas.

  • Find the island with Carroten Открий острова с Carroten

    Carroten is a product, often associated with summer, sun, see, positive emotions.