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  • - business news website is a business news website part of Webground's portfolio. Internet media group Webground is a leading company in the online advertisment business in Bulgaria.

  • website

    In the beginning of September The Mags launched one of its last comprehensive projects – a new brand identity and web-site for

  • Vichy consult

    The Mags created the regional site for Bulgaria for the leading cosmetics company Vichy Consult. Based on a Romanian platform, the website presents Vichy Consult's innovative face care, body, hair and sun protection products.

  • Bulgarian National Bank website

    The Bulgarian National Bank is one of the oldest national institutions established right after the restoration of the Bulgarian state, on January 25, 1879, and on 6 of June of the same year the first banking operation was conducted.

  • Bulgarian National Television

    The website design of Bulgaria's top public TV broadcaster is innovative, functional and easy to use. The site is in tune with the new corporate vision of the TV station.

  • online store

    The Mags has just released the new online shop by Verdico - The online shop will help Verdico customers when ordering, deliverying and paying for products by the leading distributor of vending machines in Bulgaria and the region.