• BU - Снежанка и седемте аромата
    BU - Snowwhite and the seven aromas
    B.U. wants to give presents to its fans and charge them with positive energy. 
  • Bioten Christmas Cards
    Bioten Christmas Cards
    Bioten is a brand for women who are nice, gentle and sensitive. Activities around Christmas are to make fans happy and spread joy all around. 
  • Orzene - Блестяща Коледа
    Orzene - Shiny Christmas
    Orzene is a brand which wants to be close to users and their emotions, especially around holidays like Christmas.
  • Sofia Live
    Sofia Live is a website and a platform for young people, providing them information about interesting events in the capital city.
  • Открий острова с Carroten
    Find the island with Carroten
    Carroten is a product, often associated with summer, sun, see, positive emotions. 
  • The moth - TV show
    The moth - TV show
    The Facebook application was done for the popular TV show - The moth. Its main purpose was to keep active the fans of the page and make them feel engaged.
  • Orzene Ultra Light Summer
    Shine in my eyes, shine in my hair, and ease of my soul. The game of the popular hair care brand Orzene will take you to a marine place from the fairy tales where the freshness and lightness reign. The aim of this Facebook app was to introduce two suitable products for the summer and to increase Orzene’s fan base in the social network. 
  • Carroten Sun Voyage
    We came up with a game that arranges our chaotic thoughts in the feverish anticipation of the marine adventure. The objective of Carroten Sun Voyage was to increase the company’s fan base in the social network and to stimulate the viral effect among the smiling society of Carroten. 
  • Carroten Sunny Friends
    Concentrated into achieving a greater popularity of the sun care brand among the Bulgarian community and raise the awareness for the sun protection as a whole, we developed a Facebook app that will not only make you smile, but will inform you of the basic factors you should consider important when exposing directly to the sunlight. 
  • Bioten “Mirror, mirror on the wall”
    Mirror, mirror on the wall who is the most beautiful in the world – the Bioten woman. With the game of Bioten “Mirror, mirror on the wall” we focused on promoting the brand’s products and gaining a considerable number of new Bioten fans. 
  • Masculan online game

    This online game created by The Mags for the popular condom brand Masculan, was developed to encourage young people to practice safe sex. The game comprises three levels.